From Cashew Butter to Sandwich Bread…


I’ve been wanting to make my own loaf of sandwich bread, but couldn’t find a recipe that sounded worth making, until I saw this one made by Against All Grain.

I started by making my own cashew butter, which was inexpensive, fast, easy and it’s SO good!!



  • 16oz cashew pieces w/sea salt
  • approx 4 tsp ex light tasting olive oil

Blend cashews in food processor until flour/meal consistency. Slowly add olive oil until desired spreadable consistency. Add 1tsp at a time to avoid an oily butter. This tastes amazing in the bread and I’ve been enjoying it spread on my Paleo toast!



I didn’t bother with the parchment paper. I just greased the dish with coconut oil and it came out easily. It’s been so nice to make some toast, a tuna sandwich with Paleo mayo, lettuce & tomato, a BLT, egg and bacon sandwhich….enjoy!



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